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The Castleford Project is a landmark initiative set on empowering people to drive the improvement of their towns and cities.
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Some time ago we realised that to be able to deliver our aims for a prosperous Town, we would have to engage differently with local businesses and traders so we could more fully understand the detail of their concerns.
There are even now many organisations in the region that are planning to scrape the sales from our bowls and thus reduce our profit.
We intend to open up the Partnership to membership. In this new forum, the Partnership will act as both an ambassador and advocate for the all the Town’s trade.
We will meet together regularly – possibly every six weeks and devote time discussing issues and plans for the future. You are cordially invited to all these future meetings.Crucial to the success of the CTCP membership’s projects will be the meeting between the various events teams. They need to network and co-ordinate. Events in the Town MUST happen if it is to survive. We must plan and deliver them.We intend to start these new meetings this September.
If you are interested, please register your interest with Lorna Malkin   -   Vice Chair of the Castleford Town Centre Partnership Ltd.
C/o Queens Mill, Aire Street, Castleford.  
Tel: 01977 556741
Working days:  Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Notice of Meetings:

Next Board Meeting:
Tuesday February 2016
NOTE: meeting commences 16.00
 venue: Queens Mill, Aire Street.

The Castleford Town Centre Partnership Ltd.
was established to drive forward the regeneration of Castleford, to raise civic pride and sense of community and also to promote and develop Castleford Town Centre as a good investment opportunity. Our aim is to encourage the private, public and voluntary sectors to work together to create a prosperous Town Centre reflecting its unique character and rich history, and create a quality environment for its residents, workers, customers and visitors.

The Partnership
became a Limited Company without Guarantee in the Summer of 2003. The Directorship spans many fields for example retailing, local charities and local Ward Councillors - in fact it represents many organisations. There are also several subsets of the Partnership for example the Heritage Group, Markets, Town Centre and others who drive out the detail and deliver specific aims. These are led by Board members who report to the Executive. Each Director devotes his or her time and energies on a purely voluntary basis in pursuance of these goals. Many hundreds of hours have been spend debating and now delivering the our vision for the Town’s prosperity, heritage and regeneration. Together with our sponsors, we are well started on a long journey to promote the delivery of  many new and exciting projects over the coming years.


Reg Lavine - New Town CrierClick on the picture to see a bigger photo!

ABOVE: Director Mr. Reg Lavine
Castleford’s Town Crier.
Please click on the picture to download a full size version of this picture.


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