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The Castleford Project is a landmark initiative set on empowering people to drive the improvement of their towns and cities.
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Mission Statement :

The vision of Castleford Town Centre Partnership Ltd. for the Castleford is:

To develop Castleford’s position as a proud market town with a unique character and individuality, reflecting on the rich history and building for the future prosperity of the town. To implement initiatives providing a safe and secure environment and creating a quality shopper and visitor experience.’


The basic principle underlying the Castleford Town Centre Strategy is to maximise the potential of the town centre by sustaining and enhancing its vitality and viability.

This is reflected in the 15 objectives of the strategy, and also reflected in the objectives for which the Town Centre Partnership Ltd was established namely:

  • To seek to raise Castleford’s civic pride and sense of community to project an image demonstrating Castleford as a sound investment opportunity by the management, promotion and development of Castleford Town Centre as a major regional centre for retail, residential, commercial, cultural, entertainment, tourism and leisure activities so as to ensure its vitality, viability, expansion and improvement in order to aid sustainable regeneration.
  • To co-ordinate retail, commercial, cultural, entertainment, tourism and leisure activities in the external public areas of the Castleford Town Centre.
  • To encourage the private, public and voluntary sectors to work together to provide a prosperous and vibrant Town Centre and promote a quality environment within Castleford Town Centre for visitors, customers, workers and residents.
  • To promote and support the highest possible standards of urban design and management for buildings and public spaces within Castleford Town Centre.
  • To promote a safe, clean and managed Town Centre during the day and night catering for visitors of all ages and local residents
  • To promote increased access to Castleford Town Centre by public transport as well as access to and safety around the Town Centre for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • To co-ordinate the views of Town Centre organisations and businesses to ensure the consultation and involvement of all Town Centre stakeholders in the production of a Business Plan with priorities to form the main part of a concerted action programme to be achieved by innovative means.
  • The projects identified for implementation throughout the plea period aim therefore to meet the objects for which the company was established. However it is important to note that these objects also identify town centre management issues, which will be delivered by Wakefield Metropolitan District Council and as such cannot be included as targets within the Town Centre Partnership Ltd’s Business Plan.


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