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Strategic Projects

Selection of Projects

This Business Plan is designed to be a working document, and as such is intended to flexible enough to enable changes and additions to be made if they are required.
The projects identified have been selected for a variety of reasons:The Riverside site of the new footbridge.

  their strategic long term importance to the Town Centre as priorities for action.
  because they are achievable within the timescale of the plan.
  to maximise the opportunities afforded to Castleford at this time.

The strategic projects included within the plan will not be completed within the plan period, but their future realisation will still require input throughout the life of the plan, and milestones that can be achieved throughout this period have been identified.

Sources of Funding and Finances:

The plan will rely on both the public and private sectors working together to fund a number of the specific projects identified within the plan.
The projects identified have been considered under the following category headings which reflect the structure of the Board of Directors:
Town Centre Management

There is a major heritage project for Castleford being one of strategic importance to the Town. It is to establish a new Library together with a Museum Archive and ancillary facilities.
Castleford is a town with a rich heritage. Its origins are those of a Roman fort and town. Archaeological investigations in the town have produced significant Roman artefacts which are now stored in Wakefield, Leeds and York. There is very little evidence of Roman Castleford in the town today. It was the birthplace of sculptor Henry Moore but his works are stored and displayed elsewhere as there is no suitable place to display them within the Town.
The Town’s main expansion took place in the industrial revolution around the coal mining, glass making and pottery production industries. These local industries have closed and there is the desire to display other significant elements of Castleford’s heritage such as its pottery, glassware and pit banners.
It is the desire to bring Castleford’s artefacts back to Castleford where they can be display for local people to enjoy that is the impetus for the Heritage project within the strategy.
Project   Castleford Forum
Description:  Construction of new centre as a community facility based upon promoting the town’s heritage.
Reason for inclusion:      Strategic project

Castleford has good access to the rest of the region. It has good connections by road via the M62 and M1, by rail, an  is sited on a navigable river. However, within the town centre its bus and rail stations are of a poor quality and are not well integrated with the pedestrian areas of the town. There is a general lack of provision for cyclists.  
Project   Carlton Street Cycle Stands
Description   Provision of cycle stands
Reason for inclusion           Achievable within the plan period.
Other Information:  These works could be undertaken as part of the proposals for ‘Carlton Square’
Project   Traffic survey
Description Traffic Survey to enable the infrastructure of the town centre to be improved and the effects of the longer-term proposals to be ascertained
Reason for inclusion         Achievable within the plan period, necessary for he progress of other strategic projects
Project   Castleford Transport Interchange
Description Integration of bus and rail facilities adjacent to the rail station.
Provision of bus waiting and circulation area, stands for up to 8 busses and associated facilities.
Reason for inclusion Strategic importance
Other Information:
Ongoing - Metro project. Completion 2014
The town centre is tightly constrained within the boundaries formed by the railway line, the River Aire and its major roads. The river which is potentially an asset to the town makes little positive contribution to the town centre.
Castleford was once an important market town, a centre for coal mining, and for pottery and glass manufacture. These traditional industries have now closed and been replaced with chemical production, freight distribution and out of town retailing. The negative effect of the loss of skilled high wage jobs is evident throughout the town. The town is loosing market share to other neighbouring centres and steps are needed to redress this position.
Project   Castleford Town Centre Partnership Ltd
Description Formation of company limited by guarantee to develop appropriate partnerships and secure the necessary funding for the implementation of the strategy
Reason for inclusion        Strategic importance
Project   Marketing  Information Pack
Description The preparation of data about Castleford to use for marketing purposes and for enquiries about the town.
Reason for inclusion: To maximise opportunities
Other Information This would be available to people enquiring about the town throughout the Talkback scheme, but would form the basis of marketing information pack, for use when the series is screened.

Town Centre Management
Castleford Town Centre grew mainly during the industrial revolution and as such many of its buildings date from this period. However a considerable number of its buildings date from the 1960’s. There are few buildings of architectural merit.
The railway line to the north is crossed by a number of underpasses and a level crossing. Castleford is served by a number of unattractive surface car parks sited between the town centre and the ring road around it. The Town Centre shows signs of lack of investment. There is also a need to improve the appearance of the public realm to improve the quality of life of the people who use the town centre. 
Project   Business Improvement District
Reason for inclusion:          To maximise opportunities - ongoing
Project   Relocation of the Market onto Carlton Street
Description Integration of the outdoor market into the town centre by relocating it into Carlton Street reason for inclusion Strategic Importance
Other Information:  Completed 2006
Project   Castleford Town Centre Health Check
Description   Health check to provide the base line data .
Other Information:  This study will provide the baseline data against which the affect of the strategy can be measured.
Project   Shop front improvement.
There is grant money available to retailers in designated special areas. 50% of the costs of improving a shopfront may be available in the future.
Reason for inclusion:        To maximise opportunities
Project   Public Art
Description    Introduction of art into the public realm.
Reason for inclusion To maximise opportunities
Other Information : The nature of the public art introduced into the urban realm could take a number of forms. It could be integrated within other projects identified.
Project   Carlton Street Pedestrian Area. ‘Carlton Square / Henry Moore Square’
Description: Improvements to existing pedestrianised area.
Reason for inclusion:
Achievable within the plan period.
Other Information The implementation of this project is linked to the relocation of the Market since this area will need to be designed with dual use in mind. Other strategic and long-term projects, such as the Forum project, will also have to be considered. Completed 2006.
Project   Tittle Cott Underpass
Description Improvement of pedestrian underpass giving access to the outdoor Market, Carlton Lanes and Town centre.
Reason for inclusion Priority for action, achievable within plan period.
Time scale   Completed Summer 2008.
Other Information:  The implementation of this scheme is linked to the relocation of the Monday Market, and the improvement of ‘Henry Moore Square’.

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